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Bienvenidos. Wellcome

Después de varios meses de desarrollo y pruebas privadas,BloodSky finalmente está listo, uno de los más nuevos y únicos servidores L2 privado. Únete!

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After nearly 2 months of pre-production and private testing,BloodSky is finally ready, one of the newest and most unique L2 private servers. Join us!

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10.11.2011 BloodSky is here! Private Beta BloodSky ended. Open Oficial server at Saturday 12 November 2011!.
7.11.2011 Server hardware We order new hardware for our server, Processor Model: Intel Xeon i7 W3520 4x2(HT)x2.66+ GHz, 24GB ram DDR3, Hard Drives: Intel SSD 320 2x 120 GB. Read more
7.11.2011 Server machine arrived We bought a server now so we will install everything and start to fix things on it, soon we will run the open beta. Read more

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